Welcome to picaster.io !

You enter on a platform dedicated to internet video streaming by building tools to help this activity :

Live Panels

When you work with live streaming on web pages, you need often to refresh parts of the page where yout display your video player. You could need to refresh the video player himself, some information panels, acces to functions like polling or live questions. Our live panel tool gives you the ability to build these live refreshed panels. There is 3 formats : fullscreen, frame on page and popup. In each case, you can display all sorts of content that you want : Brightcove, Vimeo or Youtube media, still images, polls, live question form, iframe or html content. A special feature can display nice analog or digital clocks. There is unlimited possibilities and you can provide this feature on your live streaming pages to a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous viewers.

Secured video pages

Did you never needed to send a video link for review to a customer or a group of selected peoples ?
In this case, it is mandatory to restrict access because your video has to not be viewed by anybody on the internet. Our tool is giving to you the ability to control access to your video pages by setting a password and a custom URL for your page. After the page configured, you can send a short readable URL and a custom password by email to your contacts. Only authorized contacts will be able to display your video. On your secured pages, you can embed Brightcove, Vimeo, Youtube, iframe or HTML contents.

If you are interested by our tools, you can request a free trial on ou contact page !