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This platform dedicated to internet live streaming hosts hand-crafted tools built to help your activities :

Live questions manager

Live questions manager is our best selling tool. He is built to give you the ability to collect questions from viewers in realtime and to moderate them before to display selected questions to speakers directly on stage or in the studio during your live event. To achieve the goal to provide a fully realtime tool for live streaming context, we provide to our customers a pack of three tools working together :

- Question form: written in javascript, you can embed it on any webpages, iframe or popup. He is directly connected to our server, in order to collect viewers questions ond comments during a live event.

Questions manager: you can see it as a air traffic control ;-) At this place, you can watch all new questions in realtime and decide to select, archive or delete it. You can directly add your own new questions or edit viewers questions by rewriting them. The last part of work consists to push a button to display selected questions on stage/studio live display. If a question is more important, you can directly highlight it on live display by pushing a button.

- Questions display:  this passive element of the workflow consists in a screen connected to our server and live showing questions selected in questions manager. The way the display looks like is fully customizable, background color, font size, number of questions to display and much more.

Please contact us if you want a short demo of these tools ! 


Live Panels

When you work on live streaming event on web pages, you offently need to deal with opening live stream after the viewer has arrived on your event page. Live Panels can help you to build an no brainer workflow to launch you live event. After the launching, it could be useful to show and hide some elements of your event page in realtime. These elements to animate can concern contextual information for the viewer, opening of Q&A session, opening live polling sessions and much more. Today, there is very few options to achieve that goal of a full dynamic event page. But Live Panels is the tool you need to do that!

Live Panels gives you the ability to build as many live refreshed panels as you need. There is 3 formats: fullscreen (borderless page dedicated to be displayed as fullscreen by browser), frame format (only a zone of a static page) and popup (manages popup content dynamicly). In each case, you can display all sorts of content in your panels : Brightcove, Vimeo or Youtube medias, still images, polls, live question form, iframe or html content. A special feature can display nice analog or digital clocks. There is unlimited possibilities and you can provide this feature on your live streaming pages to a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous viewers.


Secured video pages

Did you never needed to send a video link for review to a customer or a group of selected peoples?
In this case, it is mandatory to restrict access because your video has to not be viewed by anybody on the internet. Our tool is giving to you the ability to control access to your video pages by setting a password and a custom URL for your page. After the page configured, you can send a short readable URL and a custom password by email to your contacts. Only authorized contacts will be able to display your video. On your secured pages, you can embed Brightcove, Vimeo, Youtube, iframe or HTML contents.

If you are interested by our tools, you can request a free trial on ou contact page!